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Urbana Country Club, founded in 1922, is a haven where members can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing environment after a long day at the office or on the golf course. The key ratio here is the number of members per hole of golf. Our golf membership, which includes complete usage of all our facilities, is restricted to 400 (200 per 18 holes).


What is the duration of a membership commitment?
Membership is on an annual basis, April 1st-March 31st.

I don’t know anyone at the club, can I still join?
UCC member applicants do require a TWO sponsor and if you are new to UCC, the management would be happy to introduce you to the Club and current members of similar interests.

What types of membership are offered at UCC?
The Urbana Country Club offers many types of membership opportunities ranging from those who simply want to enjoy the more social aspects of the club to those who want to experience a full membership where you can enjoy all amenities, including fine dining, excellent tennis programs, fitness room, swimming and pool activities and certainly our outstanding golf course and golf programs.

How do I go about joining the Urbana Country Club?
Simply contact us at or (217) 344-8670. We will be happy to talk with you on the various types and benefits of membership here at UCC.

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